Nizam i Alem Season 1 Episode 3 With Urdu Subtitle

Nizam i Alem Season 1 Episode 3 With Urdu Subtitle

Nizam i Alem Season 1 Episode 3 With Urdu Subtitle

Nizam i Alem Season 1 Episode 3 Overview

Nizam i Alem Season 1 Episode 3, While the Seljuks were in constant conflict with the Byzantines and the Fatimid State outside, the Batınis, led by Hasan Sabbah, were gnawing at the Seljuks inside, spreading everywhere. The greatest supporters of Malik Shah on this path will be competent statesmen and wise men like Nizamülmülk. Growing up without a father, Sencer becomes an idealist hero by passing through Nizamülmülk’s education and succeeds to be the sacrifice of Malik Shah.

Nizam i Alem Season 1 Episode 3, On the other hand, the noble nobleman from the Karakhanid dynasty, Terken, wants to dominate the state with the power of being the daughter of Malik Shah. But in the face of his ambitions, it will be Seferiye, the mother of Malik Shah, who is the head of the state, Gevher who is the daughter of Tapar, the son of Malik Shah, and the noble Turkmen daughter Elçin who will change the balance with her arrival to the palace.

Nizam i Alem Season 1 Episode 3, Seljuk soldiers were attacked while taking Elcin to the capital. Melik Shah goes to his wife’s grave and tells Nizam al-Mulk that he wants to see his son. Nizam al-Mulk tries to object to Sultan, but Melik Shah says that there are no longer dangers threatening the state and repeats his request. Sanjar understood the danger beforehand and left a few of his soldiers behind. Melik Shah says that he is no longer young and wants to see his son ease his conscience.

Nizam i Alem Season 1 Episode 3, Melik Shah’s only wish is to see his son before he dies. Sanjar and Seljuk soldiers start to fight. The Seljuks won the long war. As Elcin and Seljuk soldiers advance towards the palace, Sanjar follows the attackers. Nizam al-Mulk warns Melik Shah once again and advises him not to see his son. Sultan and Nizam al-Mulk argue. After Melik Shah solves the Turkmen issue, he orders Nizam to bring his son. Sanjar catches one of the attackers and asks who gave the order to him. Meanwhile, Tapar and Elcin come to the palace. Hassan realizes that the trap they set up was useless and asks Tapar how he survived. Melik Shah learns that his son was injured and immediately visits him. Tapar tells his father what happened. Sultan Melik Shah gets very angry about this and calls Elcin to him.

Nizam i Alem Season 1 Episode 3, Ilteber realizes that his daughter has disappeared and prepares to go to Kinik plain with his soldiers. Sanjar tells how important his mother was to him. Turna tells him that her mother was sick years ago and died. The Byzantine spy examines his brother’s body and tries to figure out who killed him. While Omar Khayyam and his students observe the stars at the observatory, Nizam comes to visit him. Khayyam and Nizam talk about Melik Shah’s desire to see his son.

Nizam i Alem Season 1 Episode 3, Nizam al-Mulk is worried about what Sanjar will do. Khayyam says that Nizam did everything he could and advises him on what to do. Melik Shah and Seferiye talk about Alparslan. Melik Shah tells Elcin that he is sorry for what happened. Ilteber arrives while Sanjar prepares to take Turna back. Ilteber tells her that he is angry and blames Sanjar. Turna tells him that she has come to Kinik plain on her own will and tries to calm her father. Ilteber raises his hand and tries to slap Sanjar, but the Nizam stops him. Nizam gets angry with what Ilteber did and sends him back.

How to watch Nizam i Alem Season 1 Episode 3 With Urdu Subtitle

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