History of Pakistan # 04 | When a paralyzed man was Governor General of Pakistan | In Urdu

History of Pakistan # 04 | When a paralyzed man was Governor General of Pakistan | In Urdu

History of Pakistan # 04 | When a paralyzed man was Governor General of Pakistan | In Urdu

The Story of Pakistan – Episode 4

When Pakistan was ruled by a paralyzed governor. 1951-1955

How did it happen that after the death of Liaquat Ali Khan, a paralyzed man became the owner of Pakistan’s black and white? You Can Alos Read History of Pakistan #03

History of Pakistan #03 The story is that after the martyrdom of Liaquat Ali Khan, the Muslim League made a decision that proved to be dangerous. In place of Liaquat Ali Khan, there was a need for a dynamic person who would also draft the constitution of Pakistan and handle the affairs of the country. Gozner Nazimuddin was given the post of Prime Minister. The Governor-General had considerable powers given to him by the United Kingdom, but he did not formally exercise them now. Therefore, Prime Minister Ghulam Muhammad was deemed to be the Governor-General.

Malik Ghulam Mohammad, a stroke patient, was a bureaucrat. His time had nothing to do with the struggle for the establishment of Pakistan. Therefore, he was completely unable to understand the aspirations of the people. I did not come. His American secretary was in charge of translation. At that time the constitution of Pakistan was not made and Pakistan was being run under the British Act of 1935. History of Pakistan#03 In this act the Governor-General had a lot of powers. Instead of becoming the Father of the Nation, General Ghulam Muhammad took advantage of this act and openly exercised his powers, both legitimate and illegitimate. Two major incidents took place in Pakistan during this period. One was that supporters of the Bengali language were shot at in East Pakistan. The other was that martial law was imposed in Lahore to crush the anti-Ahmadi movement. Martial law was the first martial law of Pakistan to be enacted up to the level of Pakistan. Not only that, but Ghulam Muhammad also took advantage of his powers and fired Prime Minister Khawaja Nazimuddin.

But unfortunately, Britain, which calls itself the oldest democracy, refused to accept this democratic request. Malik Ghulam Mohammad replaced Khawaja Nazimuddin with Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Mohammad Ali Bogra as Prime Minister. The following year, in 1954, Ghulam Muhammad dismissed the Constituent Assembly, although at that time the first draft of Pakistan’s constitution was almost ready. It is said that one of the reasons for the dissolution of the Assembly was that the new constitution There were suggestions to significantly reduce the powers. It is also said that in this decision he was given the army Chief General Ayub Khan had full support. Unfortunately, during the reign of Ghulam Muhammad, the present Army Chief General Ayub Khan was also appointed as the Minister of Defense. Thus, the echo of the military began to be heard in the houses of power.

The story of Pakistan continues.

How was the seemingly strong Corner General Ghulam Muhammad ousted from power?

And who was the first to surrender to the dictators for the restoration of democracy?



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