History of Pakistan #03 | Who Killed Liaqat Ali Khan?

History of Pakistan #03 | Who Killed Liaqat Ali Khan?
History of Pakistan #03 | Who Killed Liaqat Ali Khan?

History of Pakistan #03 | Who Killed Liaqat Ali Khan?

The Story of Pakistan – Episode 3
How the first Prime Minister of Pakistan used to be assassinated. 1948-1951

History of Pakistan After the dying of Quaid-e-Azam, energy video games started out in the political houses. If all of us after Quaid-e-Azam managed to cope with all the dirt, then he was once Khan Liaquat Ali Khan. He used to be the first Prime Minister. This was once the time when, on the one hand, the Constitution of Pakistan got here into being. On the different hand, Pakistan had to make one of the most necessary selections in its history. Pakistan made this historical choice in prefer of the United States, even even though Pakistan, like India, had the alternative to continue to be neutral. Liaquat Ali Khan was once given the title of chief of each the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin. And he was once invited via US President Harry Truman. But he prefers to go to Washington rather of Moscow. You can additionally Read History of Pakistan #02

History of Pakistan As expected. He was once warmly welcomed in Washington. From this go to to the United States, PAC-USS Relations have been strained. Due to its friendship with the United States, Pakistan has come to be entangled in the maelstrom of world politics and the Cold War. The biggest loss was once that Pakistan misplaced the course of unbiased overseas coverage and grew to become a device in the arms of world powers. Liaquat Ali Khan’s final yr used to be tumultuous. In 1951, Major General Akbar Khan overthrew the government. Attempts failed. This try failed and all the characters worried have been arrested. This used to be the first non-political strive to overthrow the governments in the records of Pakistan. Liaquat Ali Khan on October 16, 1951. One of the members in the rally, Syed Akbar, shot the Prime Minister. The bullet hit him in the chest and, amongst thousands, Pakistan’s first Prime Minister used to be killed. It is stated that Liaquat Ali Khan had the final word. The predominant proof in the discipline used to be that the shooter Syed Akbar used to be killed by way of the police on the spot. The investigation into the homicide was once carried out very lightly.

One of the proofs of this is that when the Lahore High Court The Prime Minister ordered to current the file of the homicide case. The Additional Advocate gave a shocking answer. He stated that the file of the case of my grasp Liaquat Ali Khan would be lost. The homicide was once in no way investigated. But there had been reviews in the newspapers that the United States and Afghanistan had been in the back of Liaquat Ali Khan. History of Pakistan Political specialists say that if Pakistan’s first political allegations have been top investigated. So the records of Pakistan would have been different. The demise of Liaquat Ali Khan made the Prime Minister the workplace of Pakistan, it is a joke. History of Pakistan Puppets got here and went. The tragedy was once that the puppet operator was once an incompetent and paralyzed man, with who I used to be worried all of them. How did a disabled man or woman emerge as a man of full strength in Pakistan? The story of Pakistan continues.


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